Two Pukers and a Trip to the ER – Ahhh Vacation

So you already know about puker number 1…that was Liam coming up the hill today getting car sick.  No new news there.  Puker number 2 was Aidan and no, he wasn’t sick.  He’s apparently got mine and Josh’s belly which is the belly that can’t handle anything medically related.  I still think I might be adopted since my mom is an emergency room nurse, I’m obviously not her daughter. Continue reading

How to Achieve Buns of Steel (Our Trip to Positano)

Today we made it to Positano which is on the Amalfi Coast.  Technically Sorrento, which we are staying just outside of, isn’t actually on the Amalfi Coast.  It’s like saying Wareham is on the Cape…it’s just not.  Josh wasn’t aware of this as he thought we were staying on the Amalfi Coast, so I thought I’d share with everyone else.

The road to Positano was no different than the roads we’ve been taking from Naples or to Sorrento – very narrow, very windy with turns that are measured in degrees – a 1st degree turn is a complete 180 degree switchback.  Then we’ve seen ones that are listed as 2nd or 3rd degree.  Regardless, every 50 feet there is another turn and so unless you are a local, you aren’t really going more than 30mph.  Five kilometers took us a good 20 minutes on these roads believe it or not.  And once again, I ring the praise of Josh who took it all in stride and got us to Positano (and everywhere else this trip) safely.

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A City Frozen In Time – Pompeii

Today was one of the highlights of us coming to this part of Italy, a trip to Pompeii.  We decided that rather than risk not finding it without a GPS that we would take the train out of Sorrento and I’m so glad that we did.  The train took us within 50 meters of the entrance to the ruins and it was an easy 35-40 minute ride from Sorrento. Continue reading

Captivating Capri

I’m glad we took the little train yesterday as it took us right down to the port, so when we headed out this morning, we knew exactly where we were going.  And it was so easy – I love it when the morning goes smoothly.  Even better, I love it that Liam didn’t puke on the ferry (remember Greece?) especially since I forgot to bring a puke bag with me for him! Continue reading

Exploring Sorrento

As planned today we headed into Sorrento for the day.  Well, it wasn’t quite a full day, but more of a half day and it was more than enough for the kids who overall were pretty good.  We had a nice and mellow morning with watching movies, reading and just hanging out.

Clouds roll in during the night and then clear slowly as the sun burns them off

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Amalfi Adventure!

Today we set off on another wild Marcus adventure!  Semana Santa (April vacation) is here and so we’re taking the next 6 days to explore the Amalfi Coast in Italy! 

While our flight was uneventful, once we landed things got slightly chaotic and stressful.  Even though we reserved our rental car months ago, they were unable to secure a GPS for us.  How is it possible that we ever survived using (gasp) maps???  We barely made it out of Naples with our marriage intact using the GPS on my iphone and that was certainly with one or two biting words at each other as if one of us actually knew where we were going and was just holding out on the other out of spite.  Thankfully, our marriage has survived the first day of no GPS!!

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