Cranky and Car-less in Italy

I woke up at 8:30ish this morning to the annoying sound of what I thought was weed wackers…who weed wacks for an hour in a small city with little grass???  I looked out the window and to my mortification the entire street was devoid of cars and there was a street cleaner and people out with hand blowers.  Oh crap!!  This is not a good start.  I ran into Michelle and Kelly’s room and had to sadly announce (before their usual 10 AM wakeup call) that I was pretty sure our car had been towed.  Continue reading

Beaching It

Yesterday we were all so exhausted from our 2 days of travel (and for myself and the kids, that was within 2 days of doing a trans Atlantic flight) we totally just laid back and had a spontaneous day of not doing a whole lot.  It was Sunday and it was strange to me that stores were actually open, unlike in Spain.  Though that could be because it’s now July and tourist season is here – I know in BCN a lot of stores in Placa Catalunya are open Continue reading