Venice… with kids

In a month filled with travel, our first stop is Venice, Italy.  Most people don’t usually think of the romantic city of Venice as a place to take their kids, especially without the most important piece of the puzzle… your husband!  But this week, I did just that.  The kids had this week off for their spring break and as Josh and I have already been to this beautiful city on our own, I thought it was a good chance to take the kids since he couldn’t take the time off.   Continue reading

Murano – the Glass Making Capital of Venice

On Saturday we decided to head out to Murano, one of the small islands in the lagoon.  Murano is known for it’s glassmaking.  Back in the 1200s glassmakers were ordered to move from Venice to Murano.  At the time, the buildings in Venice were made primarily of wood and the fires needed to heat the materials for the glass were a concern to the residents there.  These glassmakers were and still are considered to be Artisans and according to Wikipedia, “It wasn’t long until Murano’s glassmakers were the leading citizens on the island. Continue reading

A Romantic Weekend (that means no kids) in Venice

Venice has been top on our list for places to visit… without the kids.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love to travel with the boys, but there are times when it just needs to be me and Josh.  An opportunity to catch up on life, have a long meal (without constant interruption, screams or crying involved) and to just go at our own pace.  We had decided last year that Venice would be our one weekend away together without Aidan and Liam.  Continue reading

Our Mission for a "Real" Cannoli

When Josh and I landed in Venice on Friday morning I told him one of the things I was looking forward to was a fresh, yummy real Italian cannoli.  That’s not to say that they aren’t real in the USA, but in my mind, there is nothing more real than one straight from Italy.  I remember being told that the freshest ones are the ones that are filled upon ordering.  So after checking into our hotel, I pretty much peaked into every pastry shop I saw in Venice in search of a tasty treat.  Continue reading