Behind the Iron Curtain – Two Days in St. Petersburg, Russia

I never thought I would see the day where we touched upon Russian soil. I can’t say that it was ever in the forefront of my mind or desire as a vacation must see. But when we decided to take this cruise, it was one of the primary reasons we chose this itinerary. It’s the forbidden, the unknown and well, we were just incredibly curious!!

I had ideas in my head before we got there as to what to expect.  I expected a lot of gray.  I expected things to be a bit dilapidated.  I expected people to seem a bit “haunted” and nervous like they were being watched all the time.  I expected it to feel dreary and a bit forbidden.  I expected to have a feeling of foreboding and anxiety that something might happen while we were there, beyond our control.

I definitely have read too many spy novels and watched a few too many movies because I would say for the most part my preconceived ideas of what to expect where not Continue reading