Castles, Ghosts and a Mini Family Reunion – Weekend in Scotland

While trying to plan out the next year of travel, Josh had suggested a trip to Scotland.  I had been to Glasgow and done a tour of the Highlands, but I was hoping to get to Edinburgh before we head home to the States for good.  So this was a great opportunity for us to hit one more country over a long weekend.  Since the weather is not super fabulous any time of the year in Scotland, we chose to go over a long weekend at the end of Oct/start of November.  There were 3 things we wanted to do while visiting Scotland:  Stay in a castle, visit Stirling Castle (home of Braveheart and Robert the Bruce fame) and visit with our British cousins whom the kids had never met.
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The Hunt for Nessie…Another Girls Trip Adventure

Well, it’s been just under 2 weeks so the time was about right to head out on another adventure.  Sorry, didn’t mean to brag there.  But the price was right, just 34 euros roundtrip on everyone’s favorite low cost airline, Ryan Air.  And with a decent hotel for 50 euros each (and that’s for 2 nights!), seriously, how could we not go?? Continue reading