Visitors!!! Becky and Ray come to visit!

One of the hardest parts of living abroad that I have found is how much we miss our family and friends.  We have a very close knit family on both sides and a great network of amazing and wonderful friends back home.  But being around 4000 miles away makes it tough to see people on a regular basis.  Last year we had just 3 visitors – it’s not exactly the cheapest place to visit (though I hope ALL of you know you are welcome ANY TIME!) and so we understand why we haven’t had a lot of people here.  So you can imagine how excited we were to have Becky and Ray come visit. Continue reading

Liam’s Favorite Place – Tibidabo

Liam loves to say Tibidabo.  He could say it all day and each time he says it, you can’t help but smile.  It just sounds so cute coming from his mouth.  I honestly don’t think he cares all that much about the amusement park one way or another, but he loves the way it sounds.  For those that haven’t read my prior post on Tibidabo, it is an amusement park that is located at the top of Tibidabo Mountain and the church Continue reading

Tibidabo Mountain & Amusement Park

Some of you may remember entries that have referenced Tibidabo.  I mentioned before that when we first moved here I told Aidan it was a castle that he saw up at the top.  He has been so excited about the idea of going to Tibidabo to check out the castle with the bonus being the fact that right next to it is an amusement park built into the top of the mountain.  That’s right, the park hangs at the very edge – everywhere you go, breathtaking views and perhaps, some scary looking drops!  Since the park is over 100 years old, my fingers are crossed that everything is structurally sound!

Continue reading