Mom and Dad Visit the Netherlands!

Hot on the heels of our trips to London, Berlin and having Urs and the Anastasia’s visit, my parents arrived.  They landed on the morning of Liam’s 10th birthday and would stay through til the day after Aidan turned 13.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift for the kids than to have their family here (as Josh’s parents arrived immediately after my parents, the celebrations continued for their birthdays for yet another week – more on that later).   Continue reading

The International Leg Tour

Just a few days after Urs’s visit in April, the Anastasia family, friends of ours from our old neighborhood arrived for a quick 36 hour visit.  They were in London for a family trip and the vacation was unexpectedly extended so they made a quick decision to come to the Netherlands for a visit.  We didn’t tell the kids…

We didn’t tell them because their girls are two of Aidan and Liam’s closest friends from home.  Especially for Aidan.  Aidan and Lindsey have always stayed in touch and even when they’ve gone through the “I’m too shy to actually have a conversation with you until the moment I have to get on a plane despite the fact that we text and email regularly” phase for a few years, they’ve always stayed close.

We had a baseball game that day (surprise!) and Josh and I arranged to get a rental car so that I could head into Amsterdam to pick up our friends.  We showed up at our house and had the girls ring the bell.  Josh had the boys answer the door and the looks on their faces were priceless.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to actually capture that reaction.  Like with any visit with this group of friends, we all picked right back up where we left off and it was nice to see Aidan and Lindsey have finally made it past their shy phase.

It’s amazing the stuff you can cover in just 36 hours.  We spent a few hours walking around Naarden, took some time wandering around Amsterdam and still had time to go to Keukenhof to see the tulips.

But like our visit with Urs, the best part was getting to have some quality time with our friends and bonus, for the kids to also have time with friends from home (I’m pretty sure this is only the second time kids from home have been to visit).  Thanks for visiting Anastasias!!!

Oh and in case you were wondering why it’s called the International Leg Tour – it is all about Rich wearing shorts no matter the time of year.  And during their trip, there are several shots of him posing similar to he and Josh above with the “leg” on display!

Knuffels en kussen,


Ursula Comes to Visit

As I mentioned before, I’m just a teeny bit behind in my blogging so I’m going to utilize the NaNoWriMo month to try to do some catching up.  Sometimes having a time crunch can be super motivating, especially for me.  Now that I’ve started back, I just can’t stop!! Of course, now the challenge is remembering back to what happened in the last 5+ months.  Thankfully I had at least started a few entries and/or threw up some titles into drafts as a reminder of what to write.  I probably will miss something along the way, but nothing I can do about that now. Continue reading

Three in a Row: More Visitors (and one last trip to Keukenhof)!

You’d think with visitors three weeks in a row we’d be not only exhausted but done with the touristy thing over and over again, but it has been just the opposite.  Each of our guests over the last 3 weeks have come here with different purposes (aside from visiting us of course) and different lifestyles, making each visit completely unique and not redundant at all.  In fact, with each of our guests, we have explored things we had not yet explored which made it even more fun for us! Continue reading

Another Perspective of Keukenhof

As you know, I went to Keukenhof last week with my friend Brenda.  But as it is tulip season and we had more visitors this week, there was no getting around seeing it yet again.  However, don’t get me wrong – I wanted to see it again.  This is not a painstaking kind of thing for me.  Tulips are my favorite flower and while there are certainly other flowers on display at Keukenhof, the vast majority are tulips.  Not to mention that Keukenhof is a lovely place to just take a nice leisurely walk with friends while enjoying the sights and smells of 7 million flowers in bloom. So it was no skin off my back to go see them again with our friends, the Giddys. Continue reading

Tiptoe thru the Tulips!!

Tulips are my favorite flower – always have been.  And any time I’ve pictured Holland over the course of my life, I’ve pictured those gorgeous tulip fields in springtime.  So no one was more excited about our impending trip to Amsterdam than I was.  Finally a chance for me to see the tulips and our timing was just perfect since it was peak tulip season!

Continue reading