Three in a Row: More Visitors (and one last trip to Keukenhof)!

You’d think with visitors three weeks in a row we’d be not only exhausted but done with the touristy thing over and over again, but it has been just the opposite.  Each of our guests over the last 3 weeks have come here with different purposes (aside from visiting us of course) and different lifestyles, making each visit completely unique and not redundant at all.  In fact, with each of our guests, we have explored things we had not yet explored which made it even more fun for us! Continue reading

Another Perspective of Keukenhof

As you know, I went to Keukenhof last week with my friend Brenda.  But as it is tulip season and we had more visitors this week, there was no getting around seeing it yet again.  However, don’t get me wrong – I wanted to see it again.  This is not a painstaking kind of thing for me.  Tulips are my favorite flower and while there are certainly other flowers on display at Keukenhof, the vast majority are tulips.  Not to mention that Keukenhof is a lovely place to just take a nice leisurely walk with friends while enjoying the sights and smells of 7 million flowers in bloom. So it was no skin off my back to go see them again with our friends, the Giddys. Continue reading

Tiptoe thru the Tulips!!

Tulips are my favorite flower – always have been.  And any time I’ve pictured Holland over the course of my life, I’ve pictured those gorgeous tulip fields in springtime.  So no one was more excited about our impending trip to Amsterdam than I was.  Finally a chance for me to see the tulips and our timing was just perfect since it was peak tulip season!

Continue reading