The Sweetest (and yet most "violent") Festival – Sant Medir 2014

I can’t believe this is our 4th round of holidays now.  I remember the first Sant Medir.  We were living over on c/Ventallo and Liam wasn’t quite 3 yet so he was still home with me full time.  I was in my office which was at the front of the apartment and I thought I heard hoofs clomping outside.  I took a look and my street, a street in the middle of a city, was full of horses!!  What?????

It wasn’t til my babysitter came later that morning that I found out what was going on.  It was the festival of Sant Medir, or the sweetest festival.  A day filled with horses, batucada, floats (I use this term loosely) and lots and lots of hard candies being thrown to the crowds all around. Continue reading

Changing with the Times – Sant Medir 2013

Now, normally I should be writing about the Festa de Sant Medir in real time.  In case you’ve forgotten or maybe I haven’t told you before, in Spain (and I believe most of Europe), holidays are actually celebrated on their actual day – not observed on a Monday or Friday.  So since today is March 3, the Festa de Sant Medir should have happened today. Continue reading

Let Them Eat Sweets!!! Sant Medir 2012

In Spain (I can’t vouch for all of Europe), it’s traditional that holidays are celebrated on their actual day rather than an observed day like Monday or Friday as we do in the States.  Because of this we often find ourselves with a holiday in the middle of the week (and depending on the significance of the holiday many companies will give bridges so you only work part of that week instead of just having a day off in the middle).  Continue reading

Festa de Sant Medir – Year 2!

You would think after a year I’d be done with the whole festival scene but I have to say that both Josh and I are still enthralled with it.  We love a good party and we love the fact that Spain, especially Catalunya, embraces the festival.  And so I still get excited, probably more so than the kids do, when I know that we have one coming up. Continue reading

La Festa de Sant Medir

Wednesday I awoke to rain…again. Shocker I know! But not going to let that get me down, no way!! Alefiya was coming again and so I needed a game plan for my 3 ½ hrs of freedom. First off I needed to run an errand for Aidan’s school and then secondly, I needed to book a hotel for our trip to Valencia later this month. I’ve been procrastinating this hotel booking and why I’m not sure. But more on that later. Anyways, before Alefiya showed up, I happened to look out the window of my office and what did I see??? Horses! Yes horses! About a dozen of them just lined up on my street. Continue reading