Block Party Spain Style…Nova Travessera 2012

Nova Travessera is our neighborhood festival in Gracia… actually I can’t even call it a specific neighborhood festival because normally it is comprised of just one (really long) street that runs along the bottom of the street we live on.  There are pony rides, vendors selling their wares along the sidewalks under tents, jumparoos for the kids and lots of food.  There’s also entertainment – music, dancing, batucada… you name it. Continue reading

16a Festa Nova Travessera

As expected, we had yet another festival this past weekend.  It’s almost becoming an expectation now that we see a festival pretty much every weekend – and we’re disappointed on the rare weekend we don’t see anything.  Our reaction when we do?  “Ahhh Spain…” or “It’s Gracia, of course there’s a festival!”  Regardless it’s really nice to get out and see how the locals do up traditional events. Continue reading