Happy Birthday America!!

Aside from the cheaper airfare, one of the reasons we come home at the end of June is so that we can spend the 4th of July here in the States.  Sure we have lots of holidays here but to me, that is the epitome of Americana.  Red, white and blue flags and banners everywhere.  People showing their pride in being American can be seen everywhere.  And while I’ve never been all rah rah American this or that, I’m always proud of where I’ve come from and celebrating on the 4th is a great reminder.  Continue reading

Celebrating the 4th Before Heading Back to BCN

What better way to celebrate being an American than a party on the 4th of July?  While we’ve really enjoyed European life, we haven’t forgotten our roots and how proud we are of our heritage.  It was great that we were able to time our vacation with being home for the 4th and we celebrated with some friends from our neighborhood. Continue reading