Our (Non) Christmas Market Day in France

Josh’s parents arrived in Barcelona in time to celebrate the holidays with us.  It’s a visit we’ve been very much looking forward to, especially the kids.  While the holidays here have been great in the last 2 years, there is something to be said about having extended family with you to join in the celebrations.  It’s one of the things we’ve missed about being home.

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Spontaneous Day Tripping – Christmas Market in Espinelves

Ahhh, the beauty of having a car!!  With us having Thanksgiving the first weekend we owned our car and me in Madrid last weekend, this was our first chance to get out of the city with our new car.  On Friday night we went back and forth on where we should go on our first big adventure… France?  Tarragona?  Girona?  The choices are endless. Continue reading

Semi-Solo in Madrid

This post actually should have been up a week ago but I just haven’t been in writing mode.  I came back from Madrid exhausted and then wasn’t feeling 100% most of this week – work was challenge enough.  Add in no school for the kids Thursday and Friday and yup, not much is getting done.  But now I’m there… in the zone… ready to write. Continue reading

Christmas Paradise – Colmar, France

On Tuesday we woke up to it snowing outside. Once again te kids were elated and Liam reiterated that this time he would eat ALL of the snow. I wished him well knowing that later it was forecast to turn to rain. However in the meantime, I was slightly freaking out about having to drive in said snow. Yes I’m from New England and driving in the snow is par for the course, but I also happily left that small piece of my life behind 2 years ago. Continue reading

The Christmas Journey Continues – Freiburg, Germany

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Strasbourg is the border of Germany. So on Monday, after a leisurely early morning, we headed off to visit Freiburg, Germany.  First though we did a quick spin thru the market by the Cathedral in Strasbourg since we didn’t have much time the night before and it was so crowded at night! Continue reading

Our Alsatian Adventure – Christmas Markets (part 1)

On Saturday we took off on yet another European adventure. This time heading to France, Germany and Switzerland, all in just 4 1/2 days. Thankfully where we were heading we’re all within an hour to 2 hrs drive of each other so while three countries may seem daunting, it’s really not. The only thing I wasn’t looking forward to was the cold, after more than 30 years in New England, you would think it wouldn’t bother me, but after two nice and mild winters Continue reading

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… And No, It’s Not Back to School :)

It’s Christmas time!!  Yes time for holiday lights and festivals and Christmas trees… and of course, lots of yummy goodies to add to my waistline!

Unlike in the States, the holiday season here does not officially start until the evening of November 30th when the lights in the streets are turned on.  While they still don’t seem super Christmas-y to me, they are still really pretty and festive.  But at least they switch things up each year so that we have different lights on each street each year.  Continue reading