Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas!!

Like with anything in life, anticipation is half of the fun.  We’ve had such a great year filled with exciting new places and each one had the waiting, waiting, waiting for months or weeks up til the time came for the actual trip.  And then after it was over, we’d have another one scheduled to look forward too.  Right now I’ve only got one officially scheduled trip left of this year and a few potential trips on the agenda for next year but nothing actually booked – I’m hoping while we are away this week that Josh and I can firm those up so that we can have more stuff to look forward too! Continue reading

Christmas 2010 – Barcelona

Christmas time is pretty much my favorite time of year, with the exception of the cold cold New England weather (though I will admit to slightly just slightly missing the snow).  And so it was really hard for me to not be at home with my friends and family this time of year.  Thankgiving, while great, is just not Christmas.  I could manage Thanksgiving here, but Christmas is a whole other animal.  I’m not even Catholic and yet, I’m drawn to this holiday full of family, Continue reading