Halloween in the Netherlands

While the increasingly cold weather is not one of my favorite things, I do love fall.  And I love it for several reasons.  The foliage, breaking out the jeans and cozy sweaters after a long, hot summer, apple pie, soups and the start of fire season (the last 5 years of which we didn’t have or need a fireplace and now we have one but it doesn’t work).  But what I really love is the start of the holiday season, starting with Halloween.

I’ve always loved the holidays but living in our neighborhood in Attleboro, Continue reading

Happy Halloween – 2011

It’s been raining in Barcelona for a solid 2 weeks now.  It’s not normal and it’s kind of wearing on all of us.  At the same time, it’s a sign that fall is finally here.  During some of the rare moments of clearing, it has still been warm – a few days this week were in the early 70s, no jacket required.  The kids are still wearing just a light sweatshirt to school.  It’s hard to believe we are already into November.  Continue reading

Happy Halloween!!

Sadly, Halloween is one of those holidays that we’ve had to make do with on a smaller scale here in Barcelona.  Unlike in the States and other countries, it’s not a holiday that’s very popular here and the kids don’t go door to door to get candy like we do at home.  I didn’t even see pumpkins here (and they are really small ones) Continue reading