What a Difference a Year Makes – Thanksgiving 2015

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving just the 4 of us.  Josh was still recovering from his knee surgery and we really didn’t have any friends.  It was the first time we’d ever celebrated “alone”.  And it sucked.  I hated it. We were alone in yet another country.  The anger took over me for a long time – especially over the holiday season.   Continue reading


We obviously don’t have Thanksgiving here in Spain.  After all, last I checked, the Spaniards had nothing to do with settling in America… oh well, they did have Christopher Columbus who discovered America.  But I guess that doesn’t count.  Anyways, Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here and I don’t expect it will be.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t still celebrate.  Just a little differently.  First off, we don’t do it on Thursday.  The kids have school and Josh has work, this year in Amsterdam so it’s not even like he’s close enough to celebrate in the evening.  Regardless, we shift our Thanksgiving to the Saturday after – my thought is that it shouldn’t matter when we celebrate a day of giving thanks as long as we do it! Continue reading

Thanksgiving with our "Spanish" Family

 Thanksgiving is one of those totally American holidays that has absolutely no significance here in Spain.  Here it’s called Dia de accion de gracias.  Day to give thanks.  And so because it’s not a holiday here, Josh had work and the kids, school.  Last year we went to a friend’s house on Thanksgiving and while we had a great time, the kids were junk by the end of the evening and we really weren’t able to spend a ton of time with them before we had to head home.  So after taking a vote we decided that this year we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday.

Continue reading

Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias – Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again – the holidays!!  I have faced the holidays with a much more positive attitude this year than I did last year.  This is my favorite time of year full of tons of traditions between our family and our friends.  And it makes me miss home even more.

But knowing that last year we managed just fine thru the holiday season AND we even enjoyed it despite being away from home, gave me a good feeling that this year, yet again, we’d be ok.  And I was right.  Continue reading

Accion de Gracias – Thanksgiving in Barcelona

We have a lot to be thankful in our house this year.  We’ve had an amazing year with an opportunity to experience a different way of life that most people don’t ever get to have.  We both have jobs that we love (and in this economy the fact that we have jobs is something to be thankful for as well).  We’ve been able to travel this year to Continue reading

Tis the Season!

Knowing how the holidays are starting earlier and earlier these days in the States, I figured it wasn’t too early to do a holiday blog entry because it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas here too!  While Josh was here in Barcelona for most of December last year, coming home for Christmas and New Years, this will be the first time we will be here for the holidays.  We opted to not come home this year since in reality, and not to be blunt, Continue reading