Our Favorite Barcelona Traditions

As our time in Barcelona is coming to a close, I can’t help but take note of the things I have grown to love and appreciate here.  Every culture has certain traditions – some have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years… others, perhaps a generation or two.  One of the perks of living in Europe is that it’s full of traditions, many of which are older than the United States itself.  As it’s these traditions that make me smile (most days) as we go about our daily lives, I thought I’d share a few of them with you. Continue reading

A Fire Filled Weekend – La Merce

Once again it’s that time of year, La Merce.  And like last year, this is a festival that gets me really excited – it’s tradition reaches back hundreds of years and it is a celebration that is truly Catalan in nature.  From the gegantes to the castellers and of course, the correfoc, there are festivities for the old and young alike that last all weekend long. Continue reading