Visiting “Home” – Part 1

This year we got to travel home direct.  It was downright luxurious.  If there must be a positive to living in the Netherlands, I’m going with that.  Not having to change flights or wait around for our connection was amazing.  Wham! Bam! And we were there.  Ok, it wasn’t quite that fast as it was still almost 7 hours, but 7 is way better than 11.

Ready to head

Ready to head “home” (with Starbucks in hand)!

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Road Trip – Connecticut and New York City!

As we prepared our schedule this year to go back to Boston, we had a slight change to our usual plans.  This year, since one of Aidan’s best friend’s lives in New York and Liam’s best friend was moving there, we decided to add a roadtrip to NYC into the mix.  I found it amazing that my kids have been all over Europe and yet, haven’t been to NYC, a mere 4 hour drive from Attleboro.  But now we had reason to come visit and I think that it will become an annual tradition as both kids loved the city (Aidan actually wants to move there). Continue reading

Keeping Our Children Safe

I started this post on Friday, December 14… it’s taken a bit of time before I felt ready to complete and publish it…

Today I saw a post on my Facebook from a good friend of mine back home.  It said Worst nightmare, school shooting at the kids’ school. Both are fine thank God. Please pray though.”  These are the words that no parent ever wants to see or for that matter, hear.  And sadly, in the US, it’s becoming all too common.  And today, it really hit home – how safe are our children in today’s society?  
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Road Tripping to Connecticut

I love a good road trip.  Even more so when the destination is to visit friends we haven’t seen in a long time.  So last week, the kids and I were happy to hit the road to visit our friends the Yeatons who moved from our neighborhood in Attleboro down to Southern Connecticut a few years ago.  Aidan has always gotten along great with Chase and Katie and it was so great to have an opportunity to reconnect in person with my friend Kath.  Continue reading