Our US Visit Part 2 – Josh Vacations With Us!!

I think it had been something like 2 years since the last time Josh was home in the US.  And as a family… well, it hadn’t been since we left 5 1/2 years ago.  I normally take the kids by myself to the US and Josh comes for work and visits during those times.  We wanted to use his vacation time for travel in Europe since we knew our time here would be limited (we say that every year only to find ourselves still in Europe).  Only since he changed jobs almost 2 years ago, there hasn’t been a need for him to be home.  And it’s important that, like us, he go home on a regular basis. Continue reading

Cape Bound

As I mentioned before, our families have gotten the short end of the stick once again during this trip. With only a few days with each set of grandparents, we set off on our first Saturday night that we were home to the Cape to visit with Josh’s parents for 2 days and then did it again the following weekend.  It feels unfair that they only got 4 days with the kids out of 3 weeks.  It’s not nearly enough and I’m thankful that like my parents, they are good about staying in touch with the kids all year. Continue reading

Fun Days with Granny & Papa

While home it was really important that the kids (and I) spend time with our families.  Before scheduling any time with our friends I made sure to coordinate calendars with our parents to ensure that I didn’t overbook us to the point where the kids didn’t get to see their grandparents. 

I got the kids the day after they got back to the good ole USA.  Their first day back Julie took them to see some friends at Southwick zoo and then they were cape bound for 2 and half days with just Granny, Papa, Aunt Beck, Uncle Ray and Daddy Continue reading

USA USA USA!!! It’s time to go home (to visit)!

The time has come for the kids and I to make our first visit home in almost 8 months.  It was my first time flying with just myself and the kids and I was a little anxious about it but the kids did amazing.  I will admit that in hindsight I planned this flight poorly – I should have paid the extra $120 to do the shorter flight (by 4 hours!) but hey hindsight is 20/20 right?  But given the 12 hrs each way that we had committed to, the kids did amazing – on the plane. Continue reading