The Long Road Home…

From the moment I booked this trip, I knew it was going to be a quick in and out, wham bam, thank you m’am kind of trip.  And I knew that jetlag would kick my ass for days to come.  And I was right.  With only 3 1/2 days on the ground, I spent over 2 days travelling to and from my destination.  Exhausting to say the least…worth it, but exhausting. Continue reading

Jay and Katie Get Married!!!

As we all know, the real reason for my trip to the US was actually not for shopping but for my brother’s wedding.  Jay and his fiancee, Katie have been together a long time.  Like, since I was pregnant with Aidan (who’s now 8) kind of long time.  So this wedding was no surprise to any of us – we all knew it was coming, just a matter of when.  Continue reading

Seriously, More Shopping…

I didn’t think it was possible to shop too much.  Ok, I know Josh wouldn’t agree with me there.  But seriously, the shopping in this mall was unbelievable.  I could have pitched a tent and moved in.  I was unstoppable and actually at one point did call Josh and told him I needed to be stopped.  And I’m not really looking forward to the moment he sees my credit card bill.  But I couldn’t help myself.  Continue reading

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!!!

The jetlag kicked in pretty quick on my end.  After over 14 hours of travel, I was damn tired.  And while I tried to resist, I was asleep by 8PM on my first night in Minnesota.  This was bad and I knew it because by 1:30AM, I was wide awake.  For the day.  Thankfully, my mom is an early riser and by 5:45 she had texted me to see if I was awake and did I want to hit the gym?

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Beam Me Home…

We really need to work on advancements in “beaming” technology.  It just seems ridiculous to be at the airport 2 hours before a flight and then for it to take sooooo long to get to your destination.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just beam us to our location of choice?  Thursday morning 4am came too early. I didn’t go to bed til 12 and in typical Julie fashion when I have to get up at a different time than the usual, I’m eyeing the clock every 20 mins. So I was actually up before the alarm and in the shower before 4 and out the door by 4:30 for my long journey back to the US for Jay’s wedding. 
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