Relaxing Days at Home

While we’ve been back in the Netherlands for almost a week, I never got around to finishing up my posts about our trip back home this summer.  Probably because I was so busy relaxing 😉  Normally “relaxing days” and “home” would be a total oxymoron in my book.  Never have my trips home been relaxing.  Never.  They are filled with activities morning, noon and night.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Not this year.  As I mentioned in my last post, I did my best to be more spontaneous, but not only that, I’m trying my best to not over do things this year. And for once, I’m successful. Continue reading

A Few Days in Portsmouth, NH (without kids)

While the kids are away…you get the picture.  It’s been a while since Josh and I were away just the two of us.  We normally try to do a long weekend every 3-4 months without kids as we think it’s important to have an existence beyond the boys as well, but the last 2 years have been challenging between Josh’s commuting back and forth to Amsterdam / Barcelona for 9 months and then his dislocated knee which had him out of commission for close to our first 6 months here. Continue reading

Our US Visit Part 2 – Josh Vacations With Us!!

I think it had been something like 2 years since the last time Josh was home in the US.  And as a family… well, it hadn’t been since we left 5 1/2 years ago.  I normally take the kids by myself to the US and Josh comes for work and visits during those times.  We wanted to use his vacation time for travel in Europe since we knew our time here would be limited (we say that every year only to find ourselves still in Europe).  Only since he changed jobs almost 2 years ago, there hasn’t been a need for him to be home.  And it’s important that, like us, he go home on a regular basis. Continue reading

A Whirlwind Trip Back Home… and 2nd Annual Girls Weekend NH!

This spring I was chatting with my girlfriends back home about our annual summer girls weekend.  I wasn’t going to be able to make it since we had just planned some other trips in Europe around that time.  So we started to make plans (way in advance even for us) for this fall for our 2nd annual girls weekend in New Hampshire.  At first it was going to be just an extended weekend – 4 days max, in and out.  In the end, thanks to my wonderful husband’s encouragement, it was 6 chaotic days of fun, shopping and spending quality (sorry it wasn’t much as far as quantity) time with my friends and family.

Continue reading