Our Travel

During our time in Europe, we have taken advantage of every long weekend, every school break… let’s be realistic, every opportunity we can in order to travel.  What started off as two years abroad had us in a rush to see as much as we could in the limited time that we had.  But as we started to extend our time, we found that the rush to see “everything” wasn’t as urgent, and yet, we still saw ourselves traveling at every opportunity.  Apparently we have been hit by the travel bug!

And while we don’t have as many long weekends here in the Netherlands and we got off to a slightly bumpy start with Josh’s knee dislocation (limiting our travel for the first several months), we still plan to travel at every chance.  For us, travel not only opens the mind, but also gives us something to look forward to.  During those tough days when being an expat has you down, it’s so nice to know that we have something ahead to continue to push us forward.

So while most of these pages are of previous travel, I’m hoping this section of the blog will be a good jumping off point for those wanting to check out places we’ve visited or get ideas for travel with their own families.  I’d like to think we’ve shown that traveling with kids is not only manageable but can also be fun!  Don’t let their small size intimidate you – you’d be amazed at what exploring the worlds will do to opening their minds!!

Quick reference:

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