10 Years

Today not only do I get to rejoice about the kids going back to school but I also get to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss.  Ok, not every moment has been bliss but I’d say the good majority of them have been in addition to the 7 years we were together before our big day.  Ten years ago I married my best friend and haven’t looked back since.  It was a magical day and with the exception of my hair stylist not showing up from Boston, went off without a hitch.  Continue reading

The Barcelona Zoo

On Wednesday I decided that it was time for Liam and I to have another activity that was not grocery store or food related as most of our daily trips tend to be.  In our month here, I feel like I’ve only taken him on 2 fun trips – to Parc Guell and to the beach.  We have 5 days a week together just the two of us and I had promised him and myself with this move that I would spend better quality time with him.  And while I have spent better quality time, he may not see it that way when all I do is drag him around.  Continue reading

Week in review – making progress…

As I’ve mentioned before, the process of moving to a foreign country and adjusting is going to be in baby steps. And it has been. So far I’ve had my ups (mostly ups thankfully) and some downs. But in order to take control of my life here, I need to make adjustments to my life. It’s not the same life I had in the US and I need to come to terms with that. My life here is completely different save for my work – and even with my work, instead of working mornings, I’m now working evenings – so even that has changed! Continue reading

The (Mis)Adventures of Julie – week 1 without Josh

If you asked me a week ago if it was going to be a big deal to not have Josh around for 3 weeks, I would have told you no, it’s not.  He’s not really here I would have said.  He leaves before the kids go to school and gets home a half hour before bedtime.  The day to day routine falls to me.  Where I figured I would notice his absence the most was on the weekends when he is here all the time and spending quality family time with the kids and myself.  Well, I was wrong. Who knew that someone who isn’t here very much could have Continue reading