The Renter

Until Josh and I moved to Spain, it had been over 12 years since we had last been renters.  When we were 23 we bought our first home and never looked back.  So it was strange to be in a position where we wouldn’t own the home we lived in while living in Spain.  But it was something that we knew we would adjust to over time.

Renting in the US is very different than renting in Spain.  I think it comes down to expectations.  In the US, I expect that for my dollar that I will get a certain quality, that there will be regular maintenance on the Continue reading

My Rooftop Haven

One of the great things about the apartment we moved into back in June is the rooftop.  It took a little manipulating, a few pennies and a little elbow grease but it’s come out quite nicely.  And I don’t understand why I haven’t used it more.

The weather here in Barcelona is pretty mild, even in the winter.  Now, I agree, perhaps December and January overall aren’t the best months to spend up there but we actually celebrated Thanksgiving with friends up there at the end of Continue reading

Serenity in the City

Last night as I was writing my entry about “Rough Seas Ahead“, I was sitting outside on my balcony.  The balcony really hasn’t been used since up til last week, I didn’t have any furniture on it.  We have a great rooftop terrace that we are in the process of decking out and so our bedroom balcony wasn’t a huge priority. Continue reading

The Great Escape – Scaling Rooftops in Barcelona!

So our new apartment isn’t perfect.  And I’ve got an entry in the hopper about renting here versus at home but just haven’t gotten it up, maybe now will be the right time after the story I have to tell you.  We’re really lucky to have a rooftop terrace all to ourselves – we just bought new furniture for up there so we can really enjoy the outdoor space.  The downstairs patio is for the kids and the roof is for the adults.  We’ve got a great outdoor couch, a bbq (still needs to be assembled), a swing (also needs to be assembled), table and chairs and some lounges.  The perfect getaway in the middle of the city. Continue reading

Goodbye Ventalló, Hello Legalitat

Two days before my birthday we moved into our new apartment.  After several IKEA trips and some handyman work in the new place, the day had come to say Goodbye Ventalló, Hello Legalitat.  Having been in our apartment for 2 1/2 years, it was weird to clear all our belongings out and yet, I wasn’t as sad as I had expected to be given that it had been our home for our entire time in Spain thus far.  I think the idea of doubling our living space may have had something to do with it. Continue reading

Our Last Days Before the Move…

The month of May flew by.  Between the kids’ birthdays the first and second week, my trip to MN for Jay and Katie’s wedding the 3rd week, signing on the new apartment on the 4th week and then the start of renovations, it was just crazy!!  So it’s no surprise that the week leading up to the move was pretty chaotic.  Included were not one, but two trips to IKEA – one solo and one with friends, painting and electrical work in the new house, attempting to change over utilities to our new place and of course, some packing/purging. Continue reading

Moving Updates (with pictures!!)

So my last post regarding our move had us finally being accepted by our new landlord.  We’re still dealing with her through each of our realtors which is kind of a pain and yet really good.  We’ll have the honor of dealing with Carme soon enough…

In the meantime things are starting to happen and happen fast.  It’s been a weird few weeks where I’m feeling “American” again with so much on my plate that what would have felt like no big deal in the States is Continue reading

Marcus’ on the Move

Now that I’ve finally gotten to post about our extended stay in Barcelona, I can tell you all about the new adventures we’ve been up to.  Yup, we’re moving.  Though not home…not yet.  I actually wrote this post on May 2nd but since we hadn’t been able to officially share that we were staying here longer, I’ve had to delay that post as well as this one.  So after deciding to stay here for an additional 3 years, we realized that the time had come to start looking for a bigger space for our family.  We love our apartment and for the most part, it’s been perfect for us.  Continue reading

"Slug"ging Along…

In recent weeks we have been experiencing a strange phenomenon in our back patio.  Slugs.  Lots of them.  I’d say at least a hundred a night when they are there.  They are only there at night and by morning they are gone.  And while you would think a slug would be a slow mover, apparently they are not since as recently as last night we had a few that made it thru the open slider door (screens are not common in Continue reading

Our flat… our home away from home.

Just a quick note, I’m feeling a lot better since yesterday and thank you all who emailed me with their concerns.  I will be fine and it’s going to take time to adjust but I will adjust.  I haven’t been anywhere today beyond the grocery store but it’s raining out (again) and I had my dryer installed today so I was homebound regardless.

Continue reading