40 Was a Good Year

I never, ever thought I would say that.  In fact, when I was turning 40, I didn’t think much of it.  It happened during the crux of our terrible first year here in the Netherlands.  So more than anything, I just wanted it to come and go without any fanfare.  I had no friends here to celebrate with and my family (other than Josh and the kids) were 4000 miles away. What was there to celebrate? Continue reading

Aidan Turns 12 in the Netherlands

I’m still working on finishing up our Portugal entries, but in the meantime, we’ve had another birthday in our house.  This time for Aidan!  It’s hard to believe this kid is now 12!! That’s now 7 birthdays celebrated abroad. Like with Liam, I’m blown away by that number.  Not to mention the fact that my baby is now 12!! Continue reading

Aidan’s 11th Birthday Party

Like Liam’s trip to Legoland, I’m far behind in posting about the kids birthdays.  Aidan’s was a bit impromptu where up until days before he had his celebration, he didn’t even know if he wanted one!  Aidan has struggled off and on all year socially. With a grade of only about 15 kids, it’s often hard to figure out where you fit in when there aren’t really “groups”, just one big group.   Continue reading

“Welcome” to 40

June 7 – Today I turned 40.  Yup, the big 4-0.  It still feels weird to say it.  I very clearly remember my own mother turning 40, so how is it possible that I’m now the one???  What is it about 40 that marks it as such a big milestone?  It feels bigger than turning 20 or 30, and 50 for some reason feels less daunting.  But 40 is a biggie. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Aidan!  Aidan Turns 11!!

Ahhhh it must be May.  The trees are full of newly budded leaves, the flowers are in bloom …. And I’m surrounded by cake batter. Last week Liam turned 8 and on Sunday my first baby turned 11. Coincidentally his birthday fell on Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate “my” day than with the child who made me a mother in the first place? Continue reading

Being 8 is Great! Happy Birthday to Liam!

I think it’s kind of crazy that Liam has had way more birthdays abroad than he had in the US.  Actually he’s had twice as many birthdays abroad than he had at home!  We moved to Spain when he was 2 1/2 and now we are celebrating his 8th birthday here in the Netherlands!

Seven was a challenging year for Liam with our move to the Netherlands, leaving Barcelona behind and making new friends and going to a new school. But he has rocked it.  He has shown he’s made of tough Continue reading

The Big 4-0

It’s the year we (ok I) have been dreading. The big one. 40. Thankfully Josh is taking one for the team first. This being a big one, I really wanted to make it special for Josh.  But I found it to be a struggle.  I wanted us to go somewhere for a few days, but then there were personal things that came up that made us rethink spending the money on 2 trips – one for each of our birthdays.  We thought we’d go on one trip some time in April – only April is in another week and between our availability, our babysitter, visitors, etc – that’s not going to happen either.  We’ve got both kids birthdays and then a surprise trip with Liam and Josh at the end of the month, so we’ll postpone the trip to perhaps June.   Continue reading

Feliz Cumpleaños Aidan! Aidan Turns 10!

A decade.  That is some serious time that has gone by.  How has 10 years passed so quickly?   I mean it was practically yesterday when daddy and I were awaiting your arrival, wondering when you would make your presence known and change our lives forever.

Everyone always says that parenthood changes you.  But until you are at that moment when your firstborn makes his/her appearance, nothing can truly prepare you for what is in store.  I remember thinking “Am I ready?” “Do I know how to raise a child?” “How in the world does this work with changing the diaper and holding the penis (so he doesn’t pee on me) and making sure his belly button is ok too??” “What if I do something wrong?” and so many other questions that I’ve asked myself over the last 10 years. Continue reading