Visiting “Home” – Part 1

This year we got to travel home direct.  It was downright luxurious.  If there must be a positive to living in the Netherlands, I’m going with that.  Not having to change flights or wait around for our connection was amazing.  Wham! Bam! And we were there.  Ok, it wasn’t quite that fast as it was still almost 7 hours, but 7 is way better than 11.

Ready to head

Ready to head “home” (with Starbucks in hand)!

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Bliss – 6 Weeks at Home in the US

It’s been more than 6 weeks and I’ve been pretty radio silent, but that’s because I’ve been too busy having a great time at home in the US with family and friends.  We just returned back this past weekend and while I debated writing while I was away, I just couldn’t find the right place to begin and to sort out my thoughts.  My email is full of notes to myself on various things that have happened over the last 6 weeks.  All of them wonderful. Continue reading

A Much Needed Trip “Home”

It’s been a LONG year… I’m not exaggerating.  This year has kicked our asses 5 ways from Sunday.  And at the same time, this year flew by.  It’s hard to believe one year ago we left Barcelona and 11 months ago we touched down in the Netherlands as our new home.  Tomorrow we are headed home for almost 6 weeks (the kids ENTIRE summer vacation). I’m in packing and list checking mode and ready to rock n roll.  It’s hard to believe in less than 24 hours we’ll be on our way.  And bonus this year is we get to fly direct – something we couldn’t do from Barcelona.  A trip home AND saving close to 4-5 hours of travel – yay!!!   Continue reading

Whirlwind Trip Home to the USA

Every year we come home to the US and every year I say that I won’t over schedule.  Every year I totally fail in this capacity and as a result, by the time we leave I can barely keep my eyes open from exhaustion.  It’s always worth it though.  It always feels so good to be back home.  And this year feels even better. For some reason, despite my inability to under-schedule myself, I’m not feeling so manic or overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and people to see.  I think I just finally know, it will all get done.  And if it doesn’t… well, it doesn’t.  Perhaps life in Barcelona rubbed off on me after all.

We made it home directly from our cruise vacation which made for an incredibly long day when you added in getting off the boat by 7 (which meant up around 5:30AM), then a 2 hour bus Continue reading

Flights Booked Home… Now What?

After months of searching for reasonably priced flights, I finally gave in around March and booked our flight home.  It was painful to say the least, primarily because I know I could have gotten them cheaper had I done it earlier like I normally do.  But given we didn’t know our future living plans, we had just been waiting and I could wait no more.  I try not to mention money often on this blog but let’s just say that what I paid was close to double the highest I’ve ever paid to fly home and almost triple what I paid last year.  Yes, painful.  But it had to be done and aside from the fact that we’ve already paid for summer camp for the kids in Maine, I couldn’t deny the kids a trip home nor did I want to deny myself a trip!! Continue reading

Another Mini Babson Reunion

I love it when schedules all come together and things just work.  While our time in Boston was busy to say the least, everything just fell into place and we got to see so many of our wonderful friends and family.  And during our last weekend that included yet another mini Babson reunion at our friends Kyle and Kelly’s house.  Because this year we made it to their annual bbq!! Continue reading

Road Trip – Connecticut and New York City!

As we prepared our schedule this year to go back to Boston, we had a slight change to our usual plans.  This year, since one of Aidan’s best friend’s lives in New York and Liam’s best friend was moving there, we decided to add a roadtrip to NYC into the mix.  I found it amazing that my kids have been all over Europe and yet, haven’t been to NYC, a mere 4 hour drive from Attleboro.  But now we had reason to come visit and I think that it will become an annual tradition as both kids loved the city (Aidan actually wants to move there). Continue reading

The Catalan Reunification Ceremony

The what?  It was just a joke between myself and my Barcelona friends that have moved back to the Boston area.  We did a little reunion one night in Boston and it was so strange to see them on this side of the pond.  But yet, it was totally natural and fun.

We did dinner at Melting Pot in Boston and yup… I can’t get enough of that cheese and chocolate.  Could sit there all night.  And the conversation could have gone on for hours and hours if we didn’t all have to make our way back home.  It was so great to see my chicas and catch up for a little bit, but as always it’s never enough time. Continue reading

Boston for the Day!

A trip home would not be complete without going into Boston at least once.  Liam is slightly pissed off at me because he seemed to think we are actually from Boston proper.  I had to explain to him that you can’t tell a kid (or adult) in Barcelona that you are from Attleboro because they would have no idea where you are talking about, but that if you say you are from Boston they will.  He seems to think I’ve been lying to him when we are, in fact, from the Boston area.  Oh well… the kids were excited to head into town regardless.

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The Wall

As I write this, I feel like I want to vomit.  I’ve got so many emotions running thru me from our 3 weeks at home and I’ve finally hit a wall.  I’ve been up, down, left, right and confused.  Just downright confused.  I don’t know where I belong lately.  Do I belong in Barcelona or do I belong here?  Both feel right and yet neither makes me feel complete. Continue reading