Mission: Julie’s Birthday Celebrations

I’m way behind in my entries, but then that’s what happens when you are on dial up for more than a week I guess.  Now that we are up and running with internet I’m hoping to catch up!

So last week was my birthday.  In an ideal world I would have let it come and go and not think twice about it.  I think I’m at a stage where I just would like to forget I’m getting older. After all, once you turn 29 several times, is there really a need to celebrate it any more?  I don’t feel my age but it doesn’t mean that I want to be reminded of it either! Continue reading

Liam’s Birthday Party 2012

With the upcoming move, 2 children with birthdays and my trip to the US slated in a week to go to my brother’s wedding, we decided that the kids’ birthdays absolutely needed to be lowkey this year.  Liam had initially wanted to have his party at a playspace area that another friend had hers.  But with money hemmoraging left and right with the move, we decided it was best to have his party at home. Continue reading

It’s been a week so time for another birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños Aidan!!

Yes, Aidan and Liam are only 8 days apart.  I’m not sure who’s brilliant idea that was but I suspect it was mine.  And for the most part, their birthdays being close has worked out nicely in terms of birthday parties, etc, but it means it is a cake and cupcake making crazy week for me!  Now that Aidan’s birthday is done I will be happy to have no more cake (or cake batter for that matter) for quite some time.  My waistline will thank me! Continue reading

Feliz Cumpleaños – Happy 4th Birthday Liam!!

I still find it weird that we’re going on our second round of birthdays here in Spain.  I guess it makes it official that we’ve been here for over a year in that case.  Stranger still is that when we move back home, Liam will actually have lived in Barcelona longer than he will have lived in the States.  And his birthday just reminds me of that. Continue reading

Feliz Cumpleaños to me!! My birthday weekend in España!

This past Monday I celebrated my 35th birthday here in Spain.  Somewhat unexpectedly, it turned out to be a fantastic day.  It was not the celebrations of turning 34 on Long Island last year with my best gals, dancing the night away, however, it was still a fantastic day celebrated with new friends in a new city! Continue reading

Feliz Cumpleaños Aidan! Aidan Turns 6!

This past Mon, May 10th was Aidan’s 6th birthday.  Like with Liam, I can’t get over how quickly the time has gone by.  It really does feel like just yesterday I was complaining about how huge I was that I had wet the bed (turns out it was my water breaking) and before you know it, my sweet sweet baby boy was born.  Continue reading