Moving… AGAIN

After 7 years and 7 moves, I’m about done with moving.  This time is made more complicated by the fact that we aren’t just moving into a new house and unpacking, but instead are renovating the house that we bought and moving during the process.  So we are surrounded by boxes in both places right now, as well as construction, once again in this limbo space that I despise. Continue reading

Buying a House in the Netherlands – Part 2

You read about how we are buying a house in the Netherlands in my last entry, in fact we’ve already closed on the property as of December 30th.  I’m still in shock that we’ve gone ahead and made this leap!!  But as far as you, the reader, goes, I’m still talking about the process of what it took to get to this point.

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Buying a House in the Netherlands – Part 1

Sorry that I’ve been a bit out of sight, out of mind lately.  Between getting ready for the move, the puppy’s arrival and the holidays, it’s been a bit crazy here.  And after NaNoWriMo, I just haven’t been in writing mode.  Thankfully I’d started a few posts prior to my November writing contest and just needed to add a few finishing touches. This being one of them:

So now you know that we’ve made the decision to buy a house here in the Netherlands (a little late on this since we actually closed on the house yesterday!). It wasn’t planned but like so many things we’ve done in the last 6 1/2 years, rather spontaneous.  But it felt right.  However, it also felt scary – as it should! Continue reading

On the Move… Again

Do you ever go online and look at houses?  Or do a drive by through a neighborhood that you really like?  Maybe we’re just strange that way but it’s something we totally do. Especially when we are on vacation.  On our trip to Portugal this spring, we actually got as far as googling international schools in the area.  It’s all about fantasizing about a different life. Not necessarily better, just different. Continue reading

Live for the NOW

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that it’s time to start living for the now.  The expat life is filled with a lot of uncertainty and often times (ok, all the time) we are really only about to plan our lives one year at a time.  We have no 5 year plan, much less a 10 year plan.  We have no ties to anywhere at this point beyond where we are in this moment.  And often times, it makes it difficult to make even the simplest decisions because we don’t know where we will be in a year’s time.  It’s also hard to define what is home.  Is it where you lay your head?  Where you are from?  Where you lived most recently?

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