Horsing Around in Killarney

Today, Monday, we decided to have a low key day. While we haven’t been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, we’ve been doing something that required some amount of driving every single day since we arrived last Saturday. So after a leisurely morning where the kids slept in and then swam while Josh and I caught up on some more work, we headed in to town. Continue reading

VistaBreak Stop #2 – Killarney, Ireland

On Saturday we left our rental home in Fanore and headed further south to Killarney, at the head of the Ring of Kerry.  We went from tiny village to quaint little town and it shows.  Not only is it significantly more populated, there is more to do (aside from hiking) and more places to do it in!  However, there is something to be said about the peace and quiet we had surrounded by limestone hills, horses in our backyard and a beautiful beach just minutes away and very few people to have to share it with.  Continue reading

Josh’s Driving Tips for Ireland

1.  When passing a car, try NOT to hit their sideview mirror – it “might” mean you are too close.  But “if” you do happen to hit said mirror, continue and do not stop!

2.  Brushing up against the hedges is the norm as are small rocks (and sometimes even some big rocks).

3.  Passing on a blind corner is ok (despite what your wife says), just put it in a lower gear.

4.  It’s like a video game, just bob and weave – you are a bead of water…

5.  Straight-a-ways are for wimps

6.  Two way roads the width of a one way road are an adreneline rush, especially on blind corners.

7.  There is a need for speed… most speed limits are 100 km/hr (about 62 mph), good luck to those who can achieve it on these corners!

8.  Pass all RVs at any personal cost.  Think Cannonball Run…

9.  2nd gear at 80 km/h is the norm

10. Bump, rub and pass…


A Birds Eye View of the Burren

You saw my entry about Tues and Wednesday for the castles and costumes and on Thursday we went to the movies in Galway to see Cars 2 (both kids had seen but Josh and I had not) since it was rainy, really the first day for the rain to affect what we were going to do for the day.  On Friday it was a decent day out and we didn’t want to drive too far so we decided to go to the Burren Birds of Prey.  Continue reading

Cliffs and Caves

With the weather looking somewhat decent on Monday we decided to brave the Cliffs of Moher.  Knowing the weather could turn at any moment and that this is a trip we really didn’t want to do in the rain, we set off with lowered expectations so as not to be disappointed.  And we weren’t! Yes, it was freezing cold most of the time were there (again defining freezing as winter time in BCN now, not freezing back at home which I haven’t experienced for 2 winters now), but the scenery was worth it!

Continue reading

Rainy Day Exploration

It’s Ireland so of course, we know to expect rain.  As I write this, it’s looking semi-sunny so I’m hoping to get Josh and the kids out of the house so we can take advantage while we can.  But Sunday, our first full day here it was raining off and on.  This was probably good because we needed a bit of a lazy day and needed to do things like find the grocery store. Continue reading

Let the VistaBreak Begin!! First Stop – Fanore, Ireland…

First off, bear with me, our internet here is super slow so this post was actually supposed to be put up on Sunday – I’ll try to update as often as I can but they may be slightly delayed depending onthe daily speed of the internet.

Yesterday marked the beginning of our 3 week adventure for Josh’s VistaBreak.  We headed out of Barcelona around 8AM for our 10:30 flight and overall, the flight was uneventful and blissfully short (as compared to our recent trans-Atlantic flights home).  We landed in Dublin and headed for the car rental place. Continue reading

Josh’s VistaBreak!!

As I’m sure all of you out there know, the reason we are living in Barcelona in the first place is because of Josh’s job.  Josh has been with Vistaprint for over 10 years now, not a small feat in a world where people are constantly job hopping.  So the majority of his tenure with VP was in their Waltham and then Lexington, MA offices and then a year a half ago we were off to Barcelona!  Continue reading