Driving Legally… Finally!!

Finally, I’ve passed my driving test. While this process only really took 9 weeks, it felt like it was 9 months.  Between my 2 full weekends (40 hours) of driving school, two times to pass the written exam, 1 driving class, then a second class the day before my first exam that never happened because they had me registered wrong, then a failed exam and now, finally, finally, I’ve passed! Continue reading

Driving Exam 1.5

I can’t really call it driving exam 2.0 because the first time I just showed up and nothing happened.  But yet this was still my second attempt today.  The day started off great – picked up my turkeys for our belated Thanksgiving this coming Saturday and then picked up my CAR (yes, my CAR – felt I needed to say it twice).  So far so good. Continue reading

The Big Day – My Driving Test (insert laughter here)

Today was the day… my driving test.  And I was more nervous than I think I was when I was 16 taking it for the first time.  Why?  I have no idea.  The idea of failing something I’ve been doing for over 20 years would certainly be a kick in the pants to my ego, but seriously, would it be that big of a deal to fail it?  Probably not.  More of an inconvenience than anything.

Continue reading

Freedom!! My New Car (Still No License)!!

The last few weeks have been crazy between travel, work, kids and trying to buy our new car.  Last I updated, I had two options for my new car – a 2012 Golf and a 2013 Golf.  The 2013 was 10 euros more expensive per month and had less bells and whistles than the 2012.  I was waiting to hear back on if the car was still on hold or if I was going to have no choice but to go with the 2013. Continue reading

Almost There… License (and Car) Update

So on October 16, I took the theoretical exam again for my drivers license.  Seriously, I debated it.  If I hadn’t already forked over several hundred euros I was just going to call it a day.  My driving instructor had told me that you don’t need a Spanish license to drive or insure a car here, but if you get caught you could get in trouble.  I was thinking I was willing to take that chance rather than have to continue with this painful process.  But the goodie two-shoes in me decided that I have to do things the “right” way.  And so I took the exam again… and passed. Continue reading

Purgatory…Otherwise Known as Weekend 1 of Drivers Ed

After all the back and forth on do I or don’t I get a drivers license here in Spain, I finally got off the pot and signed up a few weeks ago.  40 hours of intensive classes – 8 hours a day for 5 days over the course of 2 weekends.  All about learning to drive (because apparently after more than 20 years I need this).  This past weekend was my first intensive weekend and it was just that – intense!!  Class started at 10 on Friday morning and we were thankfully let out at 5:30 instead of 6 that evening with about an hour break for lunch at, oh 3… late even for Spain.  You can imagine how American Julie was faring with not eating for that long… not so well. Continue reading

Back to (Driving) School

Back when I was a teenager, the biggest thing to have (aside from a boyfriend) was your license.  In Massachusetts back in the (gulp) 90s, you could get your permit at 16 and license at 16 1/2.  My dad used to let me drive the truck home from Five Corners in Easton back to our house starting when I was maybe 13 or 14.  That was back when you could do that stuff and not worry about DSS coming after you for breaking the law for letting your kid drive 2 1/2 miles.  It was a bonding time for me and my dad. Continue reading