First Month of School

So this post (like many others lately) is a month overdue so instead of writing about the first day of school, I’ll write about the first month.  The kids actually started school back in mid August (I still have trouble wrapping my arms around finishing school in July and going back in August).  But with Aidan starting secondary school this year, there have been a lot of changes here! Continue reading

Day 1…Into the Fire (Immersion 101)

As I mentioned in my last post, Josh went to work on day 1.  I could have killed him – angry doesn’t even come close on that one.  I felt incredibly alone and abandoned.  There is nothing like being thrown into the fire and start our new lives by myself.  What could I do?  I couldn’t stay home.  The kids had to go to school and I had to figure out how to function. And I had to unpack and get back to work.

Josh left at 7:15 – the kids and I didn’t need to leave until after 8.  I suppose on a positive note, we get an extra 30 minutes in the morning that we didn’t have in Barcelona.  It was raining off and on again Continue reading

Last Week of School

This last week of school has been bittersweet.  For Liam, it’s the only school he’s ever known.  For Aidan, it’s where the majority of his education has taken place.  It feels like home to them.  Wednesday morning, Aidan said to me “I wish school could last another month so I don’t have to leave my friends so soon.”  I hear you my boy… I hear you.

This is where they have built friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.  This is their place where they go every day to not just learn but to work hard, play hard and to make great friends.  And they have done just that.  School is so important from a multitude of angles.  But now it’s time to say goodbye to our second home of BFIS as we move on to our new school later this summer. Continue reading

BFIS Carnaval 2014

Once again, the Carnaval at school is as close to the real thing that I got this year.  A good friend invited me to go to the one down in Sitges (which is supposed to be unreal!) but I just couldn’t motivate myself to get a sitter and get out, especially knowing that I was the one who had to still get the kids up and out first thing Monday morning as Josh was already back in Amsterdam for the week.  But speaking of Josh being in Amsterdam, one of the (ok, pretty much the only plus) of him being away is that he works from home on Fridays.  For the first time since we’ve lived in Barcelona…actually for the first time since our kids have been in school… he is able to go to school events held during the day.  So he was actually able to get to school for the Carnaval festivities. Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year – Another School Year Begins

On Monday, September 2, the new school year started here in Barcelona.  I seriously don’t know where the time has gone.  When we moved here, Aidan was only halfway thru kindergarten, now he’s in 4th grade!  And Liam is in 1st!  What happened to my babies?  Josh and I were looking at pictures the other night of them as babies and part of me yearns for those days again and the other part loves how independent my boys are getting.  I’m so proud of them these days! Continue reading

Another School Year Comes to an End

Last Friday, another school year came to an end – we now officially have a 1st and 4th grader in our house.  For both kids, I think this was a banner year – but then I feel like I say that every year.  They worked hard and it paid off.  I feel like they are both really coming into their own.  They built relationships; met new kids and said goodbye to friends, both new and old.  They are happy to see that summer is here with long days, no homework (ha, wait til they see the bridge books I bought!) and lots of time to play. And the best part – going home in August to visit our family and friends there.

Continue reading

Sant Jordi 2013

Sant Jordi is hands down one of my favorite holidays here in Barcelona.  It’s the Valentine’s Day of Spain but better.  Streets are lined with kiosks of flower and book vendors.  Men give women roses and women give men books.  It’s a beautiful exchange and you see men and women walking around holding their precious books and roses all day. Continue reading

The Rules of the Road

While I’m sure there are plenty of worse things that can happen, for today, there was nothing worse than coming out of my parent/teacher conferences to find that my car was no longer where I parked it.  It actually took me a minute to even realize it wasn’t there.  I actually crossed the street over to another campus building, passing by the side of the street where my car was (no longer) parked and didn’t make the connection that there was Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of Year… Back to School!

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come… back to school!!  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love being with my kids.  But I also love structure in my life and summertime means a lacking of said structure and routine.  I can handle it for a little bit, just like I can handle the kids arguing for a day here or there… but after 10 LONG weeks of listening to them, the time has come.  They MUST GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Continue reading