Sant Joan

This post is waaayyyy overdue.  Like over a month.  I’ve been really slacking with my writing lately and I’m not sure what’s up with that.  But I need to get back on track.

Anyways, there isn’t a ton to say about Sant Joan.  It’s a holiday here where we celebrate the summer solstice.  There are festivities all around the city but the largest are held down by the water.  However, it’s my understanding (never having been to them) that it gets a bit out of control between bonfires, drinking and well, you get the picture – those two just don’t mix well.  So I’m not bringing the kids down there to add to that. Continue reading

Single Parenting

It’s that time of year again… summer.  Last summer we travelled all but about 10 days outside of Barcelona.  It was the most amazing experience and if I recall we saw something like 10 different countries in that timeframe (it’s all a bit of a blur).  But most of it was without Josh which was a challenge.  I had spent the better part of the summer as a single parent and boy, do I give kudos to those out there that are actual single parents rather than just part time ones!!  It’s a challenge to say the least!

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Happy…. New Year???

For myself and many parents out there the New Year is not about a ball dropping in Times Square nor is it about  celebrating the end of a calendar year. No, my new year is the start of the school year.  When the kids go back to school and we go back to routines, sports, playdates, and only sleeping in on the weekends.  We lose some of the
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Nit de Sant Joan – celebrating the Summer Solstice!

Well it’s here – summer.  You can tell by the fact that (a) both of my children are now home full time, (b) the sun is up til almost 10PM and (c), it’s getting warmer out.  Every year on June 23, the beaches become crowded with people celebrating the “Nit de Sant Joan” or the Night of Saint John – a dusk to dawn celebration for the summer solstice.  Continue reading

Kid Update and Summer Plans

While I know that Aidan and Liam make appearances in most every blog entry I have done, I realized that I haven’t done an update on how they are adjusting to life in Spain in quite a while.

Last weekend we were walking with the kids.  They walk so much here since we don’t have a car.  Back in Attleboro, I remember if Aidan had to walk three houses away he would be whining that his legs were sooooo tired.  Now he walks long distances and while he will complain here and there, he toughs i Continue reading