Swim for Your Life!

I’ve mentioned before that there’s a lot of water here in the Netherlands.  A lot.  In fact, about 50% of the country is below sea level.  There is water everywhere with canals running along side many streets.  From the air, one can see just how much water encompasses the every day life here in the Netherlands.  And so it’s no surprise that learning to swim is an important factor in life here.  However, it’s not learning to swim for fun, but rather, for survival. Continue reading

Swimming Lessons

Whether you live by water or not, learning to swim is a life skill we all need to know.  Whether it be in a pool, the ocean, the sea, a river or any other form of water, knowing how to survive in the face of danger is essential.

Here in the Netherlands, we are surrounded by water at every turn.  Not to mention that we live below sea level with the majority of the country having been reclaimed from the sea.  Literally the name Netherlands means “Low Country”.  Only 50% of it’s land is more than 1 meter above sea level.  There are canals at every turn and all Continue reading

Up, Up and Amazing – Our Adventure in Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a stunning area about 40 minutes south of us located in the Italian Riviera.  Its name, Cinque Terre, means Five Lands.  Cars for the most part, are not allowed and everyone travels by foot thru the moutainous terrain.  The homes are built into the rock face of the mountains and are painted in traditional Mediterranean colors of yellows, pinks, oranges and greens. Because the Cinque Terre is a National Park and UNESCO Continue reading

Another visit to Montjuic and swimming at the Olympic pool!

Now that I’ve made my first trip to Montjuic in the 6+ months I’ve lived here, I think that we will go up more often.  It’s a beautiful place and still considered to be part of the city – yet there are trees, grass, parks and more to see up there.  I’ve heard it takes several visits to see it all.  I’m still on the search for the slides I hear will take you down the side of the mountain – I think the kids would love that.  Continue reading